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We are now happy to bring infrared capabilities to the full range of small action cameras for drone use. In this service, we can convert the cameras to infrared, full spectrum, or NDVI agricultural filters. We have several lens options to choose from! All conversions include a professional recalibration to infinity. We are fully equipped to handle custom requests and large quantity orders. Let us be your extra spectral imaging partner.

Lens Options:

2.97mm f/4.0 90d HFOV 5MP (No Distortion) (included in price)

3.37mm f/2.8 87d HFOV 16MP (No Distortion) ($100 extra)

3.97mm f/2.8 82d HFOV 16MP (No Distortion) ($100 extra)

4.35mm f/2.8 72d HFOV 10MP (No Distortion) ($50 extra)

5.4mm f/2.5 60d HFOV 10MP (No Distortion) ($50 extra)

7.2mm f/2.5 47d HFOV 10MP (No Distortion) ($50 extra)

8.25mm f/3.0 41d HFOV 16MP (No Distortion) ($100 extra)



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