Full-Spectrum Conversion Canon EOS R6 Full Spectrum Converted Mirrorless Camera



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Filter set includes: 550nm, 590nm, 665nm, 720nm, 850nm, UV/IR Cut Hot Mirror



Brand new camera with original accessories, has been taken out of the box to convert to infrared, will be black color.

The Canon EOS R6 features live view and an electronic viewfinder, two indispensable features for focusing and composing directly in infrared.

Cameras are made to order, allow up to a week for order shipment.

A Note on the EOS R Series: The Canon R series mirrorless bodies do not have an internal IR LED, however many RF LENSES do! So, using most RF lenses on a converted R-series body can still cause IR light leaks, while using adapted EF lenses is mostly safe. Click here to read more about this effect.


Package contents include:

  • Canon EOS R6 Digital Camera (converted)
  • Battery and Charger
  • Original Canon Accessories
  • Kolari Vision Camera Strap

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Drop-in Adapter with Kolari R CPL (not compatible in IR)
  • Drop-in Adapter with Kolari R Drop-in 2-10 VND (not compatible in IR)
  • Drop-in Adapter with Kolari R Clear Filter

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

1 review for Full-Spectrum Conversion Canon EOS R6 Full Spectrum Converted Mirrorless Camera

  1. rob.gendreau (verified owner)

    I have a full spectrum converted R6, and it’s one of the best conversions I’ve owned. I’ve previously used an RP, and also various others, from an Olympus E-PM2 to Pentax K-01.

    I leave one to other reviews to learn the merits of owning a Canon mirrorless, and particularly the R6, to other reviews. For me the advantages over the RP lie in much better AF performance, two slots, very fast shooting, and some other features.

    As an IR camera, it’s fantastic. I vastly prefer mirrorless for full spectrum use, and the viewfinder, focusing aids, lack of VF lag, and touchscreen just make shooting in IR easier. I use the R6 a lot in full color too, especially for action and wildlife. One big attraction for me was that with Kolari’s drop-in hot mirror filter, the one that goes over the sensor, the R6 is fantastic for those uses with longer lenses, lenses that I don’t want to use hot mirror lens filters on.

    Another reason to get the R6 is the RF lens line up. They are superb, but have a downside for IR shooters: the big red IR traffic light in the lens itself (see elsewhere on the site for pictures). In effect, this means one can’t use RF lenses below about one eighth of a second without an artifact in your image. No such problem with EF lenses mounted with the EF RF adapter, or other adapted lenses. And with the clip hot mirror filter, the issue disappears.

    The only other caveat with the R6 (and indeed, with lots of other cameras) is one loses use of the shake reduction/IBIS system for dust removal. I never found that particularly effective. Indeed, I have perhaps more confidence in the filter replacement Kolari uses on the sensor itself (again, see info elsewhere about that).

    And having now had cameras converted, I was pleased with purchasing the camera directly from Kolari. First time I’d done that rather than having them convert one. An easy experience; Kolari has great customer support. About all I’d suggest is that they do bundles with clip filters; I have tons of lens filters, and if I were to start over it would be all behind-the-lens filters with a camera like this for max flexibility.

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