Agrowing Multispectral Agricultural NDVI Sony Camera Package

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We’ve teamed up with Agrowing Ltd. to bring the most versatile and cost-effective mulstipectral NDVI imaging solution to date to US customers.

Detection: Industry-leading 10 multispectral channels on a single high-resolution sensor.

Resolution: Unbeatable 8+ megapixels per channel allow the most accurate analysis possible at all altitudes.

Click here to download the full-size sample shot.

Application: Actionable multispectral data delivered with Industry-Leading accuracy.


Control: Specific wavelengths, specific targets, displayed intelligently.


Advantage: Greatly reduced parallax, making both low and high altitude imaging possible with one camera. Less the 1% of lens distortion of the image. No chromatic aberration.

Above: Severe close range parallax/chromatic abberation from competing solution.

Agrowing Multispectral close range capability.

Package Includes

Drone and Gimbal not included.

Package Includes:

  • Sony A7Rii 42.4 Megapixel Modified Camera
  • 25mm 12-Band Multispectral Lens
  • 32Gb SD Memory Card
  • UV/IR Cut Clip Filter (615nm)
  • Camera Cleaning Tools
  • Demo Software(Windows 64bit)
  • 5 Hours of Support

Order Processing Time

All Modified Multispectral Sony A7R II cameras are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for order processing. Processing time may vary depending on order quantity.


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