Infrared Photography Feature: Helen Bradshaw

“Infrared photography takes me on a journey that gives me the opportunity to the see world through a new perspective. Because I am working with a light the human eye can’t see, the resulting images have an ethereal quality to them.

Working in infrared is exciting because the photograph is a mystery until it has been processed. Each photograph starts off as a blank canvas which allows me to unleash my artistic vision upon it. 

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is flowers because they are everywhere. The wide variety of colors, textures, and shapes in which they can be found enables me to experiment and explore how infrared allows me to express my imagination.

Infrared gives me the freedom of self-expression by allowing me to take the common, everyday reality and turn it into something magical. “

-Helen Bradshaw

You can find more of Helen’s work by visiting her website or following her on social media!

Instagram: helenbradshawphotography

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  1. I’ve always admired Helen’s work. She’s a great ambassador for infrared photography. She’s encouraged me along my infrared photography journey and has been happy to answer my questions about infrared and photography in general.

  2. Looks like the photographer spent a day at a botanical garden…my apologies for being critical here but what is special about the composition of the images? What makes these images special except that they were shot in IR? And so they were shot in IR…so what? What does IR add to the images except IR?

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