Infrared Photography Feature: Pierre-Louis Ferrer

My name is Pierre-Louis Ferrer, I am a 29yo photographer based in Paris. Before that, I studied optical instrumentation and digital sensors in engineering school and worked in the industrial sector for 5 years. Then I decided to start a full-time photographer job one year ago, applying my technical knowledge to photography.

Photography has been a passion I started in parallel of my studies 10 years ago. I discovered infrared photography in 2013 and decided to “sacrifice” my old Canon 400D for a full-spectrum conversion. Then, over the years, I kept modifying my second DSLR, a Canon 6D, which is now a full-spectrum as well. I always love to experiment with photography. That explains why, about one year ago, I discovered ultraviolet photography in addition to infrared photography.

My favourite filters are the 720nm and 665nm, it allows me to create dreamy pictures with a subtle effect. At this wavelength, I have created 2 main series: “Invisible Paris”, which will be exhibit in Paris in 2018, and “Açores Brancos”. My goal with this technique is to offer an alternative vision of the world, still based on light’s properties, where the viewer can contemplate nature in an unique way.

Paris Invisible 2017 MD 1

I apply my ultraviolet technique with portrait photography most of the time. With this technique, I have also created 2 series: “Hail to the Sun”, exhibited in Paris this year, and “I LUV LISBOA”, a street photography series.

Paris Invisible 2017 MD 3

With two friends, we have also launched the French reference site about infrared photography: We have the more important French infrared photography community on Facebook, and we have started offering infrared photography workshops in Paris and Tours.


The next step for me will be to keep experimenting filters in infrared and ultraviolet, and achieve a new series of street photography with the 850nm filter.

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