Total Solar Eclipse

Coming to North America on April 8, 2024

Pointing your camera directly at the sun can be dangerous for your camera. The bright, pointed light from the sun focused through your camera lens can burn a hole straight through your shutter blades.


Only 15-stop and 20-stop ND filters are capable of safely photographing the sun. Lower ND strength filters are not rated for solar imaging.

Kolari Vision ND Filter

Experience North America's last total solar eclipse in this decade.

Our Kolari Pro 15-stop and 20-stop ND filters are rated safe for solar imaging. Our filters are optically engineered to be the most neutral filters in both the visible and infrared light spectra.


DO NOT look through the optical viewfinder on your DSLR camera when pointing it at the sun, even when using an ND filter, and DO NOT look directly at the sun through an ND filter. These filters are not rated for your eyes, and your eyes will be damaged if you do this.

However, it is perfectly safe to use live view or look through the EVF on a mirrorless camera.

Only 15-stop and 20-stop ND filters are capable of safely photographing a solar eclipse. Lower ND strength filters are not rated for solar imaging.

Without a filter, pointing your lens directly at the sun can burn your shutter in 30 seconds or less. Using one of our 15-stop Pro ND filters, it would take a 100+ day exposure to see the same amount of damage; a 20-stop would take a year-long exposure.

If you’re planning on viewing and documenting the total solar eclipse this April, be sure to get yourself a 15 or 20-stop Kolari Pro ND filter to save your camera.

Exposure Time ND Filter in Stops New Exposure Time
1 second 1 2 seconds
1 second 2 4 seconds
1 second 3 8 seconds
1 second 4 16 seconds
1 second 5 32 seconds
1 second 6 64 seconds
1 second 7 128 seconds
1 second 8 256 seconds
1 second 9 512 seconds
1 second 10 1024 seconds (17 minutes)
1 second 15 32,768 seconds (9 hours)
1 second 20 1,048,576 seconds (291 hours)

April 8th is the date of the last total solar eclipse over North America during this decade. 

In honor of this momentous event, Kolari is launching our very first Solar Eclipse Photo Contest! A lot of you are going to capture this solar eclipse, so here is your chance to showcase your talent and win some Kolari prizes 📸 


Contest will run from April 8th to May 8th and winners will be selected within two week after the submission period. 🏆 

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Capture the Eclipse: Snap your best shot of the solar eclipse. It doesn’t have to be during totality—any image that features the sun during the eclipse will be considered for prizes.
  2. Submit Your Entry: Send us your image via our submission page which will go live in time for the eclipse, provide the necessary details
  3. Share on Instagram: Post your masterpiece on Instagram, tag @kolarivision, and use the hashtag #kolariphotochallenge to officially enter the contest. This step is optional, but highly encouraged.


Three winners will be able to choose among three amazing prizes: either a full-spectrum conversion service valued up to $1150, a pair of Kolari Shades – Basic Aviator-style, or three lens filters (CPL, VND, Streak, Flare, Mist, in your preferred thread size). 


Honorable mentions will win a $50 Gift Card.


All winners and honorable mentions will be announced  and featured on our website. Serving as trophies, we’ll custom-engrave gold body caps with your name and accolade in any of the models we offer (Fujifilm X, Leica M, Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E-mount).


View the Kolari Solar Photography Contest 2024 Official Rules here. 

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