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Custom DNG Tutorial for setting a white balance for infrared photography

You’ve heard that white balance is important for getting good results in infrared photography. Most cameras you can just set this in camera, and it gives you nice photos that are ready to use. Sometimes though, the camera’s white balance range is too narrow for IR, and trying to set a white balance just gives you an error and leaves you a pink image. This is a particular problem for Nikon cameras, where many models

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Everyone who has tried infrared photography is disappointed at first that no camera takes those blue skied infrared photos directly. Rather, you get a less spectacular red picture that has to be worked on to produce lovely false colors. I’m going to show you how to go from this: To this: First, you should set a custom white balance with your camera This is best done by going to the set white balance option on

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590 and 665 filters are quite versatile. They allow you to shoot more vibrant colors than with the 720nm filter, and can also produce quite yellow leaves. Another feature of these filters, is that it can produce good colors in some situations when the 720nm would produce dull results. We are going to start with a picture taken with a 665nm filter. Running our basic channel swap action on this picture will produce an image

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How to Emulate Kodak Aerochrome with the 550nm IR Filter

Hi, my name is David. I am an infrared Photographer from Austria, and in this article I will explain you the basic steps for processing infraed photography taken with the 550nm filter. This specific filter has a lot of creative advantages compared to higher cutting longpass filters, but also some disadvantages that you will have to keep in mind. I will try to explain both the basic postprocessing of the filter, as well as how

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Correcting Lens Distortion and Chromatic Aberrations in Photoshop

Tutorial courtesy of Dean Frate The angle that the camera is held at, the barrel or pincushion characteristics of the lens, and the chromatic separation inherent to the lens and the wavelengths allowed to hit the sensor all contribute to image distortion.  With infrared these issues can be more pronounced, since most lenses aren’t designed for the infrared spectrum. Playing with the various setting will give a good idea of what they do.  It’s instructive

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False Color Action Suite for Photoshop

Download the False Color Suite from Kolari Vision here! Contents This suite is comprised of 5 actions, the standard channel swap, a channel swap that only keeps the blue color, a 665 to 720nm action, a 590nm to 665nm action, and a 590 to 720nm action. All actions are meant to be run on the picture direct from the camera, before it has been channel swapped. For more details on when to use these different

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