Correcting Lens Distortion and Chromatic Aberrations in Photoshop


Tutorial courtesy of Dean Frate

The angle that the camera is held at, the barrel or pincushion characteristics of the lens, and the chromatic separation inherent to the lens and the wavelengths allowed to hit the sensor all contribute to image distortion.  With infrared these issues can be more pronounced, since most lenses aren’t designed for the infrared spectrum. Playing with the various setting will give a good idea of what they do.  It’s instructive to push the sliders to the max in either direction to understand the effect, before settling on a final setting.  Note the chromatic aberration particularly around the light post in the foreground and that the corrective settings seem to echo Lab color space opposites.

First load the Lens Correction filter.

Dust reduction filters

Use the Transform and Geometric Distortion sliders to correct perspective and pincushion/barrel in the image.

Dust reduction filters

This is the result of the settings below.

Dust reduction filters

Zoom in and look for light/dark transition areas to evaluate and correct chromatic aberration.

Dust reduction filters

This is what the correction yields.

Dust reduction filters
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