Why get an infrared conversion?

Why get an infrared conversion? A camera with an infrared conversion is hands down the best way to shoot infrared. See how it compares to film infrared and using a lens filter. Digital Infrared vs Infrared Film Because infrared is not visible to the human eye, shooting infrared poses some troubles. When using infrared film, […]

Sony A7R III Dissasembly and Teardown

Our pre-ordered Sony A7R III finally arrived this morning, and we couldn’t wait to crack it open and see what’s inside.   The A7R III has been receiving a lot of positive reviews and I can see why. First off, the camera looks and feels great. And, we finally got two card slots! The multi-selector […]

What is Infrared Photography?

What is Infrared Photography? Infrared photography is a look into the invisible world. The human eye can see wavelengths from  about 400nm-700nm (from purple to red); infrared is the light beyond 700nm. IR photography can be done with either infrared film, or a digital camera, and typically involves near infrared light in the 700nm to […]

How to Get Started with Infrared Photography

Welcome to the world of infrared photography! Choosing a conversion can be quite daunting, we are here to help simplify and explain the process. Step One – Choosing a Camera The first step of the process is deciding which camera to convert. Many times, choosing an old camera you don’t use anymore can be a […]