Infrared Photography Feature: Laurie Klein

Laurie Klein: An Infrared Journey that spans over 40 years. I was 18 when my love affair with infrared photography began. I was a Bio Medical Photography student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I had no idea that  infrared would be one of my greatest passions as a commercial and fine art photographer. I […]

Sony A7R III Dissasembly and Teardown

Our pre-ordered Sony A7R III finally arrived this morning, and we couldn’t wait to crack it open and see what’s inside.   The A7R III has been receiving a lot of positive reviews and I can see why. First off, the camera looks and feels great. And, we finally got two card slots! The multi-selector […]

Infrared Filter Light Sensitivity

Besides the difference in aesthetics between our infrared filters, there can be a variance in the amount of light reaching the sensor.