Kolari Vision IR Chrome Lite Lens Filter

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IR Chrome Lite Filter

Bringing the Look of Aerochrome into the Digital Era

This Infrared+Visible lens filter is designed to make your full-spectrum digital camera (wait, what is a full-spectrum camera?) achieve the look of Kodak Aerochrome IR film, straight out of camera. Made from a fused glass composite, this filter passes the perfect combination of light to recreate the classic, beloved look of Aerochrome with a full-spectrum camera. Our IR Chrome Lite Filter is a cost-effective variation of our famous IR Chrome Lens Filter that is still able to produce red foliage straight of of camera without having to perform a channel swap.


  • Anti-reflective (AR) coated to increase light-transmission and reduce flare and ghosting
  • Laminated for long term weather durability
  • Designed for use with a Full-Spectrum digital camera only!
  • No channel swap or advanced editing techniques required, unlike other IR filters

Disclaimer: While this filter is designed to replicate Kodak Aerochrome directly out-of-camera with a full-spectrum camera, all camera models/sensors will have subtle variation and color and results will vary. Sony cameras in particular tend to create images where foliage appears more orange than red. This is easily correctable, and a modest hue adjustment from orange to red in post-processing will create the advertised results.

Color Shift: You will experience a purple color shift in the left and right portions of your images when using this filter. The color shift is most prominent at focal ranges 35mm and under. The color shift may also be seen at focal ranges over 35mm but will start to decrease at the more narrow focal ranges. (Our normal IR Chrome Lens Filter does not experience this color shift.)

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67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm


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