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Kolari Vision H-alpha + Visible Astrophotography Lens Filter

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Ultra-Wide Lens Disclaimer: Our h-alpha filter will produce color vignetting at ultra-wide angles. This appears as green-tinted corners when using a custom white balance setting for night sky photography. We recommend using this filter with lenses no wider than 16mm for APS-C cameras, or 24mm for Full Frame cameras.

We now offer the same H-alpha Sulfur II glass used for our astrophotography conversion service as an external lens filter to be used with Full-Spectrum or Two-Spectrum converted cameras. This H-alpha astrophotography filter has a similar transmission to our IR/UV cut Hot Mirror Filter, but with¬†expanded spectral response that covers the H-alpha and sulfur II emission lines (See transmission curves below). Now, there is nothing you can’t do with a¬†full-spectrum camera. When used with a converted camera, these filters will provide a greater than 4 fold increase in sensitivity in the H-alpha line compared to a stock camera, and a greater than 6 fold increase in sensitivity in the sulfur II line. Our H-alpha Astrophotography filter comes standard with our Pro Slim filter rings.


  • IR and UV blocking filter with enhanced h-alpha & sulfur II transmission
  • Anti-reflective (AR) coated to increase light-transmission and reduce flare and ghosting
  • Slim filter ring for reduced vignetting when using wide angle lenses or when stacking filters
  • Front and rear threaded unlike other slim filters
  • 6061 aircraft aluminum construction for a light and strong ring
  • Teflon coated threading for easier installation and reduced seizing
  • Finger grips for easier filter removal


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