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The NDVI Blue IR filter (Blue +IR) filter transmits both blue and IR, making it ideal for NDVI crop analysis applications, allowing an NDVI to be generated from a single image using the blue and red channels of the image. This filter is also handy for landscape photography, as it produces a similar effect to the 590nm after a channel swap, right out of the camera.


Attention: The Blue IR/NDVI requires a converted camera to produce the desired visual effect!


Available in 37mm, 40.5mm, 46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, and 95mm sizes. Also available in 100mm square glass to fit Cokin Z-Pro mount or Lee mount, and 34 and 39mm bare glass for slot mounting to some lenses.


77mm, 82mm, 95mm, 100x100mm, and Cinema Blue IR/NDVI Filters are our Generation 2 Pro AR-Anti Smudge Filter Quality. (When opting-in for AR coating.)

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 1 in

49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm


590nm Infrared, 665nm Infrared, 720nm Infrared, 850nm Infrared


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