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Good with your hands and electronics? We now provide the same custom manufactured glass filters we use directly to you if you want to install it yourself. Perfect for if you want to save a even more on your conversion or are located outside the US and do not want to send in your camera. These filters are custom manufactured to be a drop in fit in most of our conversions, and their thickness is optimized for each camera/filter combination for close autofocus, but it may require further autofocus adjustment.

The form above is simplified, but we will send the custom filter for your specific model.

Point and Shoot Sensor: $49.99 – This category includes cameras with fixed lenses with small sensors. It excludes APS sized point and shoot sensors.

Standard Crop Sensor: $99.99 – This category includes standard DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, M4/3 sensors, and point and shoot cameras with APS sized sensors.

Full Frame Sensor: $199.99 – This category includes full frame sensors, this is sensors with full 35mm sensor coverage. This includes cameras like the Canon 5D, Nikon D800, and Sony A7.

Focusing support kit: $19.99 – We will provide precision shims that you can use to adjust your focusing (if applicable for your model), and we will provide our recommended adjustments for calibrating your camera/filter combination. If your camera sensor is spring loaded, this kit will not come with shims but will let you know about the springs before you remove your sensor and affect parallelism, and provide a basic guide on adjusting focus. Recommended for DSLRs. If you have a P+S or mirrorless camera, you will generally not need this kit, our filters will focus without any adjustments, but please note some mirrorless camera sensors are still spring loaded which requires special care to maintain parallelism after re-installation

Basic disassembly tool kit: $9.99 – We will send you our basic disassembly tool kit. Comes with a screwdriver kit (solid handle set with philips, flathead, and torx – some cameras may require more advanced bits), grounding strap, soft pry tool, and precision tweezers. This kit DOES NOT come with a capacitor discharge tool which is helpful for discharging capacitors in models with built in flashes.

Subject to availability. Please allow up to one week for your order to ship, if out of stock it can take 2-3 weeks to ship out.


Tampering with your camera will void all manufacturer warranties. By opening your camera, you risk hurting or killing yourself and the camera from the high voltages present. By purchasing you agree to our Terms of Purchase. We do not provide any help with dissasembly, installation, focus adjustments or reassembly of your camera. Complete dust elimination may be impossible without specialized equipment. No one, including us, will take a box of parts if you can’t assemble your camera again. You can avoid all the trouble by having us convert it instead here.

No returns accepted.

1 review for Infrared and Full Spectrum DIY Sensor Filters

  1. Bartosz

    I have bought the 665nm filter for DIY conversion of my 20D. Package arrived quickly – and I live in europe 🙂
    I have performed the conversion by myself and thanks to great fitment of the filter it turned out to be pretty easy and conversion was a success. Thanks to the exact thickness of the new filter i did not have any problems with AF after conversion. Thanks KolariVision!

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