SOLAR visions

By Pierre-Louis Ferrer

An invitation to reveal ourselves beyond the visible.

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Our skin is both the first barrier between our body and our external environment, and the witness to our good internal health. Each physical or psychological event that we undergo leaves a mark on our skin throughout our lives, most of the time without us being aware of it, because these marks are located under the outer layers of the epidermis.

The skin is an organ with multiple resources, capable of storing in its deep layers the scars of our past experiences. From our lifestyle to our working conditions, including the place where we live and our habits of exposure to the sun, multiple parameters influence our physical envelope.

visions solaires pierre louis ferrer portrait ultraviolet 2
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Initiated during inauguration of the exhibition “Seizing the Sun” at Hangar Y, France, “Solar Visions” was designed as an artistic and human experience, where each participant reveals the marks embedded in the deep layers of their skin. Using the UV photography technique, the portraits taken reveal the wrinkles, spots, and freckles of the skin present at the dermis level, and thus bear witness to the subjects past experiences. Through a set of advanced studio lighting, the portraits taken go beyond simple dermatological analysis images to envelop the participants in light, marking their gaze with a solar signature.

This project aims to better understand how our appearance and our health are impacted by our personal and professional environment. Its progress is also an opportunity to carry out skin cancer awareness campaigns among different population groups, alongside associations and health professionals.

More about this project

You can discover the first UV portraits of this project at:

You can also be part of this project by organizing a “Solar visions” UV shooting for your company, your clients, or any public event linked to sun prevention and artistic performance. Feel free to contact me to  discuss the organization of such shooting:

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