The New Pro Anti-Smudge AR Coated Filters

What are the Pro AR Anti-Smudge Filters?

Here at Kolari Vision, we’re proud to be the only infrared camera conversion company to offer IR Centered Anti-Reflective coatings on our infrared sensor filters. Over the years, our users have agreed that AR coatings ensure a higher quality image by reducing stray reflections and hot spots while increasing overall light transmission by 8%. However, we also listened when our users told us how susceptible these filters were to dust, smears, and smudges as well as how downright difficult they were to clean. Taking all of this feedback into account, we’ve improved our infrared glass once again. We’re proud to announce the new Pro Anti-Smudge AR Coated infrared filter, the world’s best infrared conversion filter. This infrared filter glass uses an ultra-smooth, hydrophobic AR coating that increases scratch resistance and causes dust, smudges, fingerprints, water, and even permanent marker to slide right off its surface with minimal effort. These new IR filters are now available for full-frame and APS-C DSLR and mirrorless conversions for Full-Spectrum, 550nm Infrared, and 720nm Infrared.

DSC 0065 1

The hydrophobic qualities of our new AR coating cause water to bead on its surface and roll off without streaking.

Rather than smudging and streaking the surface of the glass, the falling water actually cleans away settled dust without leaving a trace.

The Anti-Smudge AR coating also has an uncanny resistance to fingerprints.

DSC 2523 1

Uncoated glass (left), AR Anti-Smudge (center), AR coated (right)

After heavy and deliberate smudging with a thumbprint, the uncoated Infrared glass (left) is clearly dirty, while the 1st generation coated glass (right) has been rendered completely unusable. The Pro Anti-Smudge AR coated glass (center) has only minor smudges. Moreover, the Anti-Smudge glass will clean with a few passes from a dry cloth, while the other two filters will require intense cleaning.

Pro Anti-Smudge AR coated infrared filter glass will repel just about anything you can throw at it and cleans in a fraction of the time it takes to clean our other filters.

While we don’t expect you to write on your sensor with a permanent marker, it proves that the new Anti-Smudge AR Coating is so easy to clean that anyone can do it. That means less getting in the way of your infrared photography, more time shooting, and less money spent on professional cleanings.

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