Photography Artist Feature: Martynas Charevicius

Currently, I draw inspiration from observing surrealist artists. I also like old propaganda posters; I believe artists were truly amazing and creative back then. If I could paint, I would. But since I am not good at it at all, I use photography as a personal wordless blog that is constantly shifting.

My experiments began quite early, with a point-and-shoot film camera. Later on, I studied the technology of photography and have been freelancing since then. After I got a drone as a gift, my photography was elevated way higher than I could ever climb.

The first time I got into infrared photography was back in college when I had to study, gather, and make infrared photography tests and write my results. Since then, I’ve been eager to learn more about the invisible world. I performed lots of tests, and at some point, I bought a full-spectrum converted camera, which was a nice addition to achieve results much easier than a stock camera.

The otherworldly mood that infrared photographs can produce is the most important aspect to me because I strive to show familiar places in a totally different way. Striking colors and rather unexpected results are also factors that keep me interested in exploring more and more. Infrared photography is relatively niche, somewhat reserved, and strange. It’s haunting but peaceful. Lacking in details but full of character. Manageable when you know what to expect, but can easily fool you if the right conditions are not met. It’s tricky, thus alluring.

Because I enjoy false-color infrared photography, my go-to filter has a 550nm wavelength rating. The other filter I really like to use is the 720nm filter because it provides a striking sky and white flora.

For infrared photography, I use a full-spectrum converted Sony NEX-5 and a Sony 16mm f/2.8 lens, which lacks in optical quality but is super compact. This setup fits almost all pockets and is super light.

For commercial photography, I use a pro-grade Nikon camera and a DJI drone.

Martynas is a winner of our annual “Life in Another Light” Photo Contest.

2022: Third Place – Infrared Photo Essay

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