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Looking Glass: Exposing the Overlooked Power of Nature through Infrared


Looking Glass by Ror Conaty is a site-specific visual exhibition that will span Cork City for a period of two weeks, occupying 53 billboards spread across 16 locations. Working in collaboration with Notes to Cork, Looking Glass will transform the city into one giant gallery. Using infrared photography, the exhibition exposes the beauty hidden just outside of our visual spectrum, giving people the unique opportunity to compare our waking reality with that which lies just beyond our senses, accenting the presence of overlooked nature cohabiting our urban spaces and amplifying the endurance of the natural world. 

Taking its name from the novel Alice Through the Looking Glass, where the protagonist Alice traveled through her mirror to a fantastical inversion of her world; upon awakening from her dream, Alice bore a new perspective on her reality and the lens through which she views it. 

In this way, Looking Glass will present a vantage point into a greater reality to give viewers a new appreciation of the everyday spaces they inhabit. Post-exhibition, the audience will be left with the memory of this vantage point, recalling it each time they travel through a location, recollecting the beauty they saw exposed through a conventional advertising space. 

With 16 locations spanning Cork City centre and employing the vernacular of street, architectural, and landscape photography, Looking Glass will give people the opportunity to compare their perceived reality of a location with one that lies beyond their senses.

Ror Conaty is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin, Ireland. His work comprises photography, print, and film. 

He has worked with Adobe, Puma, U2, Denise Chaila, Dorothy  Cross, Alice Maher, Rubyworks Records, and Sargent House Records, among many others.

Conaty is renowned for his use of in-camera and practical effects, with a particular focus on humanity’s relationship with the natural world fused with influence from a bygone era of cinema. His work fuses analogue and digital processes to create abstract and ethereal plains shrouded in a tangible physicality. 



Notes To Cork is a creative design and advertising studio headed by Al Dalton. With his background in the Arts, Al pivoted the family  business and utilised his creative background to reimagine the possibilities of the outdoor advertising space. He has used his experience to help artists bring their work to the broader public and help brands tell their stories in ways that truly connect with their customers.

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