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IR Season is in full swing...

Spring has sprung, plants are in full bloom, and IR season 2020 is officially here. We're getting technical this issue, with a lot of thorough analysis on the Canon EOS R system, RF lens performance, Multi-Spectral Flashes, and our new class-leading IR-ND filter! We also offer some insight towards what exactly a UV filter is supposed to do, since this is a matter of some controversy. Lastly, we have an inspiring infrared photog highlight from Sakchai Lokanuvat (@cuttlepup) to remind us that, while gear is important, a creative curiosity and the will to get out and shoot often is what it really takes to get great shots!

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First, because we're really excited about this...

We've just launched a new, profesional grade ND filter that can be used seamlessly with Infrared AND visible light! It's durable, it's slim, and it's optically incredible in every wavelength.

(And we're giving you $25 off if you buy this week only with coupon code 'IRND25')

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Canon RF Lens Hotspot Testing

RF glass. It's new, it's attractive, it's expensive, and there is a lot of if. But, how does it do in the infrared spectrum? Results are mixed, to put it lightly, but there is a silver lining.

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Infrared Photographer Spotlight

Sakchai Lokanuvat brings a colorful perspective to Joshua Tree and delves into his experience as a unique shooter in a unique medium.

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A Unique Caveat to the EOS R Platform

While we're on the subject of the the new Canon R system and infrared photography, we've found a problem. But, the solution is perfect for budget conscious photographers.

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Finally, a flash for your wavelength.

As a full-spectrum, infrared, or UV light photographer, you deserve a fully functional speedlight to match your creative medium. See what makes our kit special.

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What's the deal with UV filters?

We give the scientific and historical breakdown on UV lens filters to settle this debate and provide some insight into their future!

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