Castle and Heather

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Eilean Donan Castle, nestled into lush heather and set against the misty Coille na Totaig, shows a more playful version of ‘dark and stormy’.

Dandelion Anatomy

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A common, familiar weed resembles an array of alien limbs, or possibly a bouquet of sparklers. [Note to judges: Apologies if I’ve miscategorized this image. I wasn’t quite sure where it belonged.]

Clematis Poof

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A clematis seed, when dried, transforms into a festive puffball.

California Buckeye

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A short trek up a steep hill rewards us with a California Buckeye in full bloom.

Strawberry Mochi

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The hills are alive just north of San Francisco…and I can’t remember where I parked the car.

Blue Lagoon

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A shroud of fog protects a secret archipelago inside North America’s oldest wildlife refuge.

The SS Point Reyes

The SS Point Reyes Shipwreck 6d1981a5 950a 48cb beba ff05d5f36482

A worn and weathered fishing boat rests against a sandbar on Point Reyes Peninsula, California.

Golden Hour is Golden

Golden Hour is Golden 37d6d486 12f5 4ff2 a92b 3a815a8f337a

Late day sun illuminates coast live oaks along California’s Diablo Range foothills, providing a perfect moment of escapism.


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A narrow road winds through rolling hills of alternating brightness and shadow. Valley oaks and wild oats rustle in the warm, dry breeze.

Pelicans at Rest

Pelicans on Cypress a66e46e2 d811 4dd3 96fc f36018cb86e8

A cliffside pelican rookery in Point Lobos, California creates some of the most delightful coastal scenery anywhere.

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