Sunflowers stand in a cut and pick field outside of Bremerhaven, Germany. Passing the field on my motorcycle I did a doubletake and doubled back. I parked by the potato stand across from the field and marched over to the flowers dressed in a full motorcycle suit complete with squeaky offroad boots. I resembled some […]


I arrived on the Faroe island of Vágar by motorcycle, having driven from the main island of Tóshavn through a 5km sea tunnel, and several kilometres of winding cliffside roads in strong winds. My body was harbouring streptococcus, though unknown to me at the time, but already I was feeling tired and slightly feverish. I […]

The Bay of Sr

Walking down the hill to the bay in Sørvágur, the winding cliffside roads are visible wrapping their way in the distance to even greater sights. In the Faroe Islands, each beautiful landscape unfolds into another often more beautiful one. This is of course, not how the scene looked to the naked eye on the day, […]