I arrived on the Faroe island of Vágar by motorcycle, having driven from the main island of Tóshavn through a 5km sea tunnel, and several kilometres of winding cliffside roads in strong winds. My body was harbouring streptococcus, though unknown to me at the time, but already I was feeling tired and slightly feverish. I decided to take a stroll into the town of Sørvágur rather than drive. Photographing on foot is preferable to bike, though one can cover far more distance and see much more on a bike. On this day my body decided for me. Passing this small house across from the main airport I took a couple of snaps and carried on down the hill to the sea in search of greater images. Months later I came across this image in my archive and thought nothing much of it until I developed it and crossed the colour channels. Infrared photography is teaching me to feel colour anew, revealing levels of emotion in landscapes which were previously invisible to me. It is, of course, Ironic that I am photographing these landscapes with invisible light.