Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 14

KDRaw IMN 7816

The last night of northern lights had a particularly eerie feeling to it, as the aurora was quite faint but very active. The infrared sky emission made itself known again, as well. As before, there is a remarkable difference in water reflections between full spectrum and infrared.

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 16

KDRaw IMN 8350

On the last full day, Norway said goodbye with a particularly scenic sun setting above the coastal mountains. I couldn’t be happier with what we have seen and experienced on that voyage.

Nordic landscapes and northern lights – 15

KDRaw IMN 8016

Here, full spectrum truly shows what firework we could see if our eyes had infrared capabilities as well. The sky has a purple taint due to the infrared sky emissions and the horizon again shifts colours due to visible light absorption.

Historic Fraunhofer refractor of USM

C03 Kupola

The old observatory of the Universitätssternwarte München in Bogenhausen and its Fraunhofer refractor used to be one of the most modern of its time. However, more than a century has passed and it is now under monument protection. It provides a very nice background for our new office building!

Infrared Isar

C04 Brodici

The first color infrared photo I ever took with an ancient Sony F717 in night mode, showing boats docked at the Isar river close to the city of Landshut.

Roadtrip in Texas


After a week-long observing run in Texas, having collected data in sufficient amounts to keep ourselves busy until next year, we enjoyed the scenic route back to the airport, the road leading up into the magnificient mountain pass below the clouds.

Ulmer Mnster

DSC05462 1

One of my passions is infrared photography of churches in Europe, gothic churches in particular. The Ulmer Münster has the highest church tower in the world and infrared gives it a rather menacing feeling.

Double rainbow in infrared


While being on an astronomical observing run in Texas, we got treated by a beautiful, sky-spanning rainbow. Infrared is a very useful tool to improve the detail of such an event since it shows a smaller wavelength range. Here, one can see the secondary rainbow, Alexander’s dark band to the right of the primary rainbow, […]

Sunrise in the alps

KDRaw DSC00406

After a long and productive night observing on Mt. Wendelstein, one of my highlights is watching the sunrise in the morning which announces the end of my shift. Since there is nobody here besides the observer, I put on classical music from Bruckner and sit outside for half an hour while liquid nitrogen is refilled […]

An astronomer in Texas – 1


Astronomy has a few perks, one of them being able to travel to far-away continents (depending on the perspective) and explore locations you can otherwise never access. My main scientific work is the hunt for extrasolar planets and in the context of this, I regularly travel into the mountains of Texas, to the McDonald observatory. […]

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