NGC 6992 Veil Nebula Cygnus (Swan)

DESCRIPTION: My second attempt at photo of Veil Nebula in constellation of Cygnus by 500 mm Nikkor lens, only 55 min acquisition. OBJECT: NGC 6992, Veil Nebula, Constellation Cygnus (Swan), apparent magnitude 7, apparent diameter approx. 3 degrees, FOV 4 x 2,7 arcdeg. More info GEAR: Nikon Z7 Kolari Full Spectrum + Nikkor 500/5,6 […]

Pasó el Tren

Fotografía infrarroja tomada del pasó de un tren.

Moon Shadows

I found a spot in the backyard where street lights were blocked by the house and tried to capture the shadows of the Ash tree on the leaf covered lawn caused by only the moonlight of the near full moon. I used the 30sec shutter control setting.


Here we see a white moonlit stretch of lawn converging on a shaft of light from an amber colored street light, with a garden fairy figurine in the middle.

Street Light Path

While trying to get a photo of moon shadows I found this interesting path of amber light coming from the amber colored street light down on the corner.

Fairy Light

Moonlight on the tree, lawn and Garden Fairy enhanced by the led light on the crystal ball she is holding.

Majestic Juniper in the Moonlight

It just seemed like the juniper bush was reaching past the ash tree to try and capture more of the moonlight. Such a tall stately bush in the brilliant moonlight.

Rainbow Ferris Wheel

The rainbow colors of the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach as seen from the beach under Pier 14 in this 10-second exposure.

Facial expressions

A girl goes by bicycle in front of the work of a street artist and her facial expression seems to interact with the mural