Cygnus loop

The Cygnus loop (Sharpless 103) is a dim emission nebula. The image here was capture with 220 frames of 70 sec with a Kolari full spectrum converted camera. A Visible + H-alpha filter was used.

California Nebula

The emission nebula (NGC1499) known as “California Nebula” glows in Hydrogen-Alpha emitted light. The bright color captured is possible by the use of a Kolari full spectrum converted camera and a Visible + H-alpha filter. A total of 187 frames of 70s combined.

Salamanca at night

This is a night photograph of the main square of Salamana, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. I took this HDR photo at Christmas, the first day of 2016 around 11pm.


Landscape of Cooma. The camera is a Canon 1100D and converted with a 720mn filter over the sensor. Image was processed in Capture One using the colour editor to shift the colour to bring bring back some Pink and Reds