Lavendar Blue

This was taken on the evening of Oct. 20th, right after I received my 1st 720nm filter in the mail. The sun was already setting, but I was amazed with my new filter and the difference it made in the quality of my photos.

Peaceful Reflection

This was taken in a local cemetery and captures the peace and serenity surrounding those at rest.

Colorful Paradise

This was a full-spectrum shot of the Boise River. I remember being surprised how many amazing colors were mixed into this one photo.

Rise and Vote

Taken on the morning of the 2020 Presidential election outside the polling station.


In this photo you can see the Santa Ponça windmill, in Mallorca. Formerly it was used to grind wheat and today it is one of the most significant historical buildings in the area. I took this photo at sunrise. I only used a 720nm IR filter.

Seven Sacred Pools

Words cannot put into context the beauty of Maui, it’s like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time but if you decided to stretch it out across a whole state.

Windy Coast

Jougashima island in Miura-shi, south of Tokyo.

Old Timers

I stumbled across these cars in a field in Nevada on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. They looked like they were part of a film set, so precisely lined up, ready to rumble into life and race off into the distance. There was such a dignity about them and a sadness too.

Manhattan Skyline

Digital image taken from my roof with a dedicated Panasonic Lumix Infrared camera.

Falling Petals

I photographed this tree in Hyde Park, London in the middle of summer and overplayed the petals which are from a hydrangea. I love the juxtaposition of the appearance of snow and the end of something, as if sleeping, yet the hopefulness of the pink of spring and rebirth.