Laundry lake

Early morning in a small town of YangShou, China – just a few weeks before Chinese New Years. The father will leave to work while the mother, grandmother, brother and sister will go to a lake not far from home. Over there, they wash their clothes.

wash their vegetables

This is a lake where they wash their vegetables and cook a delicious meal for their beloved customers

Belhurst Castle

The historic Belhurst Castle in Geneva, NY, on Seneca Lake. With its ivory, the building makes a great subject for infrared photography.

Coe Hall

Coe Hall, Planting Fields, Long Island, New York

Looking for Turtles

Looking for Turtles on the Lake Trail Bridge, Old Westbury Gardens, Long Island, NY

Pipe Dreams

The steam plant at Vancouver General Hospital

Step it Up

Vancouver General Hospital with some nice side lighting.

Dark City 2

Raking sunrise light in downtown Vancouver.