Under The Oak Tree

Captured in East Hill Cemetery in Bristol, TN. Dating back to the late 1800’s, this cemetery is home to the final resting place of Civil War Soldiers, founding fathers and members of the community, including slaves. Captured with my converted 720nm Sony A7ii

Lookin Up

Downtown Waikiki, looking up and the palms and beautiful architecture.

el angel

walking my pet… ( one of the few things you could get out of … always with my camera.. early days of confinement…. absolutely no one on the streets.. .I saw the framing … made me think and shoot

Dark Skies

Shiny black building against a dark sky in Boise.

Whispers of Love

I took this photo in Hyde Park, in London on a bright summers day. It made me think of two lovers, holding each other, gently whispering to each other, endearments, for their ears alone.