Watersmeet House

The Watersmeet House stands at the bottom of a deep gorge at the confluence of the East Lyn River and Hoar Oak Water in Devon, South-England..

The Rock

The picture of the rock is taken with a ND Filter.

Tree Trunk

The picture of the Tree Trunk on the beach is taken during the sunset.


The Dolomite Mountain is photographed with a Kolari IR-Filter 665nm and is convert in black and white. The weather was cloudy.

St John Starlight

I intend for this to be submitted to the Astrophotography Category but there was not a contest category for that in the drop down above. This is a night shot of Hart Bay on St John, USVI taken with at 14mm, ISO 250 at 25 seconds.

Portrait of a Stranger – Nasrin

Taking Portraits of Strangers on the Street – It can be a daunting task, and some may ask why do something like that in the first place? As a photographer I’m always intrigued by subject, light, and composition. Street photography has long been an interest of mine and I’ve also always been fascinated with street […]

New York City Sunset

Long Exposure of New York City Skyline from Brooklyn using ND1000 filter in visible light.