Taking Portraits of Strangers on the Street – It can be a daunting task, and some may ask why do something like that in the first place? As a photographer I’m always intrigued by subject, light, and composition. Street photography has long been an interest of mine and I’ve also always been fascinated with street portraiture. I’ve taken my share of candid shots on city streets, and frankly, unless it’s an interesting silhouette or person in a frame for broader perspective, I find them boring over time. The effort to actually engage with a stranger on the street and ask them to take their portrait is exhilarating and I always leave the interaction with the feeling that I’ve accomplished something challenging, further honed my skills, and often times enriched my day and perhaps the day of the subject. You may wonder how people react to being asked by a stranger to take their picture. It’s amazing that usually 90% of the time people say yes. And for those 10% that say no, it’s rarely a negative interaction. You thank the person, and move on. When the timing feels right, I also try and interact with the subject a bit to learn more about them. Some folks I spoke with at length, others just a quick acknowledgment. Have you ever asked a stranger to take their picture? I encourage you to try!!