Desert Storm Sunset

zzzzz Guadalupe time 2020 VII Fin web

The wonderful Guadalupe Mountains of Texas and New Mexico Show off the desert beauty during a long expposure at sunset

The Ranch

The Ranch was a thriving place once upon a time and now is little more than a few trees and crumbling ruins. It must have been quite the place 130 years ago


A hand colored image from my Kolari Nikon D810 850nm mod. This beautiful little chapel in Northern New Mexico enjoys the rains of the Monsoon storms,

Covid Times 2020

zzzzz Covid Times eagle fin shrp VII 9 2020 web

The destruction of our Earth from the Covid 19 pandemic to the fires which have decimated much of the western US. We really need a great 2021 to forget this year…


Time, 2020 and the storms of Monsoon with the old farmers home.

Holly the Ancestor

Holly the Ancestor Small Contest

Holly, the Ancestor, a Day of the Dead portrait. Every year I enjoy a creative project around the Day of the Dead, my favorite cosplay holiday. So when I saw how my new infrared camera performed, I was eager to use it for this year’s effort. It takes a bit of a play on the […]

The Spirit of Holly

The Spirit of Holly Small Contest

The Spirit of Holly, a Day of the Dead portrait. At its heart, the Day of the Dead is a celebration, and this photo of Holly features her dancing, and enjoying life. And knowing Holly in real life, it is an authentic take on her soul. The combination of infrared and makeup make for an […]

Blue Dream

DSC1931 copie

A Canadian C-47 Dakota at Greenwood Military Aviation Museum (Nova Scotia, Canada)

The Way Out

The Way Out

An old train bridge transformed into a bike path. Middleton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Blue Calm


Still water at Lunenburg, on a Sunday morning last summer

The Deportations Cross

DSC4772 copy

A cross remembering the Acadians deportation at Grand-Pré, Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, Canada

Flesh and Leaves

DSC2634 copie

A small river during the warm period in the forest by the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada

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