Death Valley California

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Taken in 2012 in Death Valley with Nikon D90 converted to infrared.. Processed minimally in Photoshop. Bird added for interest.

Open One Eye Close One Eye

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One day I went to Yantai Mountain, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, and I saw this figure sculpture in a shop. I found it very interesting. I felt that life is impermanent and it is not easy to realize it, and it is even more difficult to open one eye. Close one eye.

The God of Health Protection

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This is the main peak of the Taimu Mountains in Fujian Province at an altitude of 1480 meters. This is one of the three goddesses in Fujian. It is a sculpture of Ma Xian, and it is also the most needed God of health protection.

Shoubi Nanshan

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“Shoubi Nanshan” has two ancient buildings on the mountain in Changle Nanshan Park. Looking at the drum tower I reflected on how our own lives and the memories of my parents can be preserved like ancient buildings forever!

Lianjiang Fishing Festival

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On August 16 this year, the Lianjiang Fishing Festival took place near the Back Mountain in Fujian province China. This is the start of the regatta with hundreds of fishing boats taking off on their way to the open sea for the day’s fishing competition.

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