Hult Lake

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Canon EOS R7 for clarification. Full spectrum camera – shot without an IR filter

Boston skyline

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Boston skyline from the Fan Pier. Canon EOS R with a Canon RF 15-35 mm f/2.8L lens. 22 mm, 30 s, f/4, ISO 200. Kolari Pro ND 4-Stop Filter.

Manhattan skyline

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Manhattan skyline and poles of the famous Brooklyn Bridge Park in the early evening. Canon EOS R with a Canon RF 15-35 mm f/2.8L lens. 29 mm, 30 s, f/5, ISO 400. Kolari Pro ND 4-Stop Filter.

Wrinkles of Age

DanWaterman Landscape IR Wrinkles of Age 31f0d0b6 d36d 49e8 be54 2edf52db9d2e

Gardens at Blithewold Mansion – Bristol, Rhode Island, USA

Thai Temple

DanWaterman Landscape IR Thai Temple 0ffb261a 496d 4a0e a86e b409716161f0

Wat Mongkolratanaram—a Thai Buddhist temple in Tampa, Florida, USA—is a unique setting for photography in the United States. The architectural style is markedly different from most buildings in the area, and the structure has a strong presence, complementing the IR spectrum’s surrealism.

Fallen Leaves

DanWaterman Landscape IR Autumn Bike Path 2deecd37 656d 4599 8d30 c62dbb7eee12

Though autumn and winter offer different photographic opportunities for infrared than spring and summer, leaves on the ground create interesting texture in landscapes in the IR spectrum.

Burn Victim

DanWaterman Landscape IR Burn Victim ab0a6c98 61c1 46c3 a166 3437be78c189

Scenes like this always give me pause and I can only imagine the overwhelming sense of shock and loss one must feel as the victim of a house fire. This building was the rectory of St. John the Evangelist Parish in Townsend, Massachusetts, USA. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured in this case, but […]


DanWaterman Black+White Portal 74421d9f 2de4 4f10 9e41 4560f7d0115a

Parking garages can be surprisingly interesting subjects. The fisheye mirror at the entrance to this garage is like a window into a parallel universe.

Ticket Counter

DanWaterman Black+White Ticket Counter 459d9692 b1da 4be2 ab52 0e59169eae5a

Kingston Station in West Kingston, Rhode Island, USA has seen continuous use since 1875. Being there is reminiscent of a bygone era when tickets could only be purchased in-person, and digital connectivity was beyond the wildest dreams of fiction writers.


DanWaterman Black+White Tesselation c85d1454 c439 46e9 891b d2d762726a76

This larger-than-life mirror sculpture in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA is a creation by Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno of San Francisco’s FUTUREFORMS art and design studio. Titled “Radiance,” the sculpture is a collection of mirrored geometric surfaces which create endless compositional possibilities.


DanWaterman Black+White Liquid Solid 1d5e7345 91a1 4fc5 bbd7 e69f246d7e6a

The Seaport neighborhood in Boston is a photographer’s jungle gym. With dozens of tall buildings and modern architecture, there are endless opportunities for abstract reflections and surreal compositions, blurring the line between imagination and reality.

Kingston Station

DanWaterman Black+White Kingston Station 368b474f 8d5a 49f1 8cbc 8bcf4b0fd3d2

Kingston Station in West Kingston, Rhode Island, USA has been in continuous use as a railroad stop since 1875. The building has been meticulously maintained throughout its lifespan, and being there in 2022 feels like stepping into a bygone era.

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