Into the Forest (Stimulated False IR Color)

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This isn’t infrared but it is very similar editing techniques with a similar False color Result. I’m still hoping to get a camera converted, but it is interesting. For reference, the standard “Into the Forest” picture was the original starting point before beginning the photoshop. The Digital School of Photography has a really good tutorial […]


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Sweetgum tree against a darker background


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Misty morning in mount Cheaha AL


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Misty morning in the woods near my house in Daphne AL


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Abandon Barn shot in 720 IR

Mentone in Magenta

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This IR-Chrome image is of DeSoto Falls in Mentone, Alabama in early spring. It was a 30 second exposure, using a 17-40mm lens at 17mm, shot from a rental home on the cliff overlooking the waterfall.

Suspended Disorientation

4A1A5602 Edit 1644ab0a 89bf 4199 943d 6da766e67dcc

This image is a half second exposure with intentional movement, created with a UV Bandpass drop-in filter. It is shot looking towards the side rails from an abandoned trestle bridge in Taylor, Texas.

Old Trestle Bridge

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This image is a half second exposure taken while vertically panning using a UV Bandpass drop-in filter from an abandoned trestle bridge in Taylor, Texas.

And the Spirit Moved

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This is a two image panorama of a church building in Georgetown, Texas. The first photo, which comprises the lower 2/3rds of the composite, is a 2 second exposure in which the camera was rotated counter-clockwise.

Mother and Child

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A calm, summer morning moment for a cow and her calf on a Thorndale, Texas cattle ranch.

Blush and Bashful

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Flower image taken at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, Alabama

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