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Post Infrared Editing

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IR Tutorials

Infrared Lab Color Space Tutorial

Tutorial courtesy of Dean Frate To start working on an infrared image, open the camera raw image in a format that can handle manipulation without introducing artifacts. Here, I’ll use Adobe RGB 16b color space (wiki). For some applications, I prefer to useProPhoto RGB color space (wiki), but in this case it gives unwanted color shifts toward green. The reason to start in a RGB is to accomplish the standard channel swaps, and even the

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GIMP is a freely distributed photo editing software that has all the necessary tools for false color post processing of infrared images. This is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot on Photoshop, and will produce just as good results. First start with the basic image from the camera. If you set a white balance prior to shooting, your image will look something like the one below.  If you did not

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