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Hot Mirror Color

Hot Mirror and Two Spectrum Color Performance (A Practical Comparison)

Our custom hotmirror filter was designed with a similar transmission of the hotmirror filters that cameras normally employ. It provides much better color rendition than other available hotmirror filters, however it does not match all internal fitler transmissions perfectly, and the UV end can be particuly different on many models. As a result, there can be a slight white balance shift when using the hotmirror filter. What that means, practically, is that auto white balance and our hotmirror filter can be off. This is particularly noticable in skin tones and certain outdoor shots. There are three workarounds to fix this white balance shift. The first method is to set a custom white balance for your shots to make up for the shift. The second workaround is to stack a haze filter on the lens, or convert the camera to our two spectrum conversion instead of full spectrum. The haze filter or our two spectrum conversion both cut out the UV transmission and increase color accuracy when using auto white balance (color may still not be perfect on every camera and may require tweaking the white balance).

Below, there are some samples taken with the full spectrum + hotmirror and AWB, hotmirror paired with a two spectrum conversion and AWB, full spectrum conversion + hotmirror and haze filter and AWB, and the full spectrum conversion + hotmirror and a CWB. These shots are all from one camera. Before considering the comparisons seriously, consider if your monitor is color calibrated. Other cameras can react differently to these filter combinations. The hotmirror plus 2 spectrum/haze filter have been independently tested by our customers to give the best color results.

FULL SPECTRUM + Hot Mirror Only, Auto White Balance


Hot Mirror over a Two Spectrum Conversion, Auto White Balance


FULL SPECTRUM + Hot Mirror stacked with a Haze filter, Auto White Balance


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  1. The Hot mirror filter goes on the front of the lens, correct?
    So this would add usefulness to my Canon 50d you guys did, so wonderfully, a number of years ago…

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