Art and Soul of Photography: July 2022

Photography as an art is so much more than the technical. It doesn’t matter what equipment you use as long as your images have something to say. In this monthly column, photographer Laurie Klein offers words of inspiration followed by our monthly photo challenge assignment to help you tap into the art and soul of your photography.

We are all born to create. It is a gift we all have been given, and that gift is not ours to keep but to put back into the world. It is healing work for all. This is not for the faint of heart.

The Allium

My images are about storytelling and emotions. One of the most beautiful times to photograph in the infrared spectrum is between late spring and early summer. Nature comes alive after a long, dormant winter. Spring was upon us, and as we walked, I stumbled on a field of Alliums — purple flowers that looked like crystal balls. My daughter-in-law found one on the ground. As she gently reached for the globe-like flower, she put it in the palm of her hands, holding it up to the sky as an offering back to Mother Nature.

I have learned over the years that everything in my photographs has to be there for one of two reasons: composition and/or content. With this in mind, I used the northern sky as a backdrop, knowing that infrared would render the sky black, which in turn allowed the Allium to stand out. The offering feels pure, powerful, and sacred without any distractions behind it.

July’s Infrared Assignment: Photograph a flower that is growing around you. Create a story in your mind or a feeling in your heart. Watching the flowers dance in movement may help evoke a mood to explore. Remember everything in your image is there for a reason. Post your photo on Instagram, tag @kolarivision, and use #kolariphotochallenge to submit your work. Winners will be selected the first week of August. Tap into your art and soul of infrared.

Challenge Winner: Jónína Guðbjörg | @jonina1

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  1. How exciting…will have to explore the many options of IR filters. Thank you for creating a forum to explore my soul expression through photography..

  2. I will never see flowers the same way again ! It’s amazing how you could tell a story with two small subjects, and infrared was the perfect medium for it!

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