Art and Soul of Photography: January 2023

Photography as an art is so much more than the technical. It doesn’t matter what equipment you use as long as your images have something to say. In this monthly column, photographer Laurie Klein offers words of inspiration followed by our monthly photo challenge assignment to help you tap into the art and soul of your photography.

As I mentioned last month, I love photographing in the infrared spectrum all year. This month, I would like to discuss photographing people during the winter.

Infrared can be very challenging in the winter as there is little to no IR reflective light. But once you know the stories you want to tell, you will be able to shoot in infrared all year long. My favorite IR subject is the female form in the landscape, which was the topic of my second book.

A few years back, I did a series with Paige, whom I had mentored for years. We decided to create our story in Central Park during a snowstorm. I asked her to bring a black velvet cape, which I knew would come out light colored because of the dyes used in the fabric. I also asked her to apply a dramatic makeup look, including black lipstick, because I knew it would look dark in infrared. Often, red lipstick appears very light, causing the lips to lose their drama.

Shooting in 720nm, I often will not perform a channel swap to my images. I love the warm and cool tones that co-exist in the native colors of a 720nm image.

MG 7422web 1

January’s Infrared Assignment: Winter Wonderland

Grab a friend or model and create a story in infrared. Or do a self-portrait session, if you prefer. Either way, have fun with it. Play with your environment the way a child would and see what magical world you can create. Post your photo on Instagram, and tag #kolariphotochallenge to submit your work. Winners will be selected in the first week of February. Tap into your art and soul of infrared.

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