The Film Lab Summer Camp – East Brunswick, NJ

Kolari has teamed up with EB Indie Film Festival to supply cameras and filters to students attending East Brunswick’s “The Film Lab” summer camp. There are still a few days left to sign up. If you have a child between the ages of 10-13 that’s interested in filmmaking and you are local to East Brunswick, NJ, consider enrolling them in this 5-day half-day summer camp led by cinematographer Robindeep Singh.


Originally posted on on May 2, 2023


EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ – Does your child want to become a filmmaker? “The Film Lab” is a half-day summer camp organized by the EB Indie Film Festival that offers students aged 10 – 13 the basics of filmmaking from July 17th to July 21st at the East Brunswick Youth Center. Students will receive hands-on experience on script writing, working with professional cameras and editing their final film taught by an NJ and NYC based filmmaker, Robindeep Singh. The Film Lab will give kids a head start in learning how to make films for the screen along with a short film to show their family and friends!

“It’s important to get these kids involved in the arts at an early age because those are skills they can progressively build on as they grow older. We wanted this camp to be something that we didn’t really have growing up, an outlet for those who want to learn how to create movies but don’t have the resources to.” says Emily Eng and Kevin Lin, founders of EB Indie Film Festival.

This program is sponsored by Elite Fitness Alliance, Kolari Vision, and MediaCutlet, who have generously provided equipment.

Registration is live now.

Camp Description: Do you love movies? EB Indie Film Festival proudly presents The Film Lab, a week-long filmmaking summer camp that gives you a basic crash course in all aspects of filmmaking. From script writing to using a camera, you will learn how to create a short film from start to finish taught by a professional in the field. Enroll now and become the next generation of filmmakers!

About the instructor: Robindeep Singh is a working cinematographer & photographer based in the New Jersey & New York City area. He graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking (with a concentration in cinematography) in 2020. As a photographer, he is completely self-taught in the dark arts of analogue photography. Since graduating, he’s been freelancing on film sets all across the US; even shooting a feature film, documentaries, music videos, & Director of Photography for Bleeding Juniper. Many of his photographs have been featured in prominent galleries all over the world. Most notably: Soho Photo Gallery in Manhattan, Passepartout Prize in Rome, Blank Wall Gallery in Athens, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, & Galeria Zero in Paris. Most of his photographic work tries to push the boundaries of photography.

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