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Introducing the world’s first sunglasses to combine real glass optics with IR-blocking technology. We are redefining the standard of what sunglasses can be by using Corning Gorilla Glass to combine the durability of plastic with the optical clarity and scratch resistance of glass lenses.

The technology in the Kolari Shades includes 51 layers of coatings that provide anti-smudge and anti-reflective protection and block up to 99% of infrared and 100% of UV light.

Anti-reflective and anti-smudge coatings protect your lenses from environmental damage, such as scratches, dirt, dust, and fingerprints, making them easy to clean—even with the most stubborn smudges.

The Kolari Shades Aviator Frames, which were advertised from the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign, have been produced and will be shipped by the end of March as promised. For those of you who opt to select either the new Clubmaster-style or Wayfarer-style frames, we only began producing these toward the very end of the campaign. Please note that we’ll ship them at a later date, as soon as we receive them from the factory. We appreciate your patience and understanding here!

The Basic Lenses and Basic Gradient Lenses have all our coatings for anti-scratch and anti-smudge protection. They also block 90% of all infrared light and 100% of UV light.

The Basic Gradient Lenses also have a light-to-dark gradient which is an aesthetic choice that some people may prefer, but they have the same performance as the Basic

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