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Kolari Pro CPL Lens Filter

The World's BEST ND Filter.

Unlock unparalleled darkening, clarity and durability with the Kolari Pro ND Filter – where precision meets perfection in every shot.

Crafted with precision, the Kolari Pro ND Filter is engineered to deliver unparalleled neutrality across the visible light spectrum and even into the infrared range. Experience the most neutral darkening yet, ensuring exceptional image quality at every angle. Tested and approved for ultra-wide angle lenses, this filter minimizes vignetting and maintains color accuracy for stunning results in every shot.

Built to withstand the rigors of professional photography, the Kolari Pro ND Filter features premium ultra-thin Corning Gorilla Glass. With over two times the strength of conventional glass, Gorilla Glass offers superior protection against impacts while maintaining exceptional optical clarity. Enhanced scratch resistance ensures long-term durability, while a high internal transmission and lower refractive index provide sharper images with no distortion.

Our commitment to quality extends to the coatings applied to the glass surface. Water, oil, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant coatings protect the glass and reduce unwanted reflections, resulting in images with unparalleled clarity and contrast.

Designed with precision and attention to detail, we enclosed our Gorilla Glass filter in a precision-machined slim brass frame. This design reduces vignetting and ensures a smoother installation process compared to aluminum frames. With high friction knurling, the filter offers a secure grip for easy handling in any weather condition, providing photographers with confidence and peace of mind.

An ND filter, or Neutral Density filter, is a type of camera filter that reduces the amount of light entering the camera lens without affecting the color or hue of the image. It’s essentially like putting sunglasses on your camera. ND filters come in different strengths, measured in stops, to block varying amounts of light. They are commonly used in photography and cinematography to achieve effects like blurring motion in bright light, allowing for wider apertures in daylight, or balancing exposure between the sky and the foreground in landscape photography.

Our Data Proves That This IS the WORLD'S BEST ND FILTER!

Group 3569
Gorilla Glass
The world's SHARPEST And TOUGHEST ND Filter, hands down!
Group 3569
Color Neutral
Superb color-rendering. Say goodbye to pesky color balance shifts!
Group 3569
Multi-coated for water, oil, and scratch resistance, while reducing reflectivity.
Group 3569
Lifetime Warranty
You break it, we replace it! We build our filters to last. Period.

Technical Specifications

Competitor ND Filter

Kolari Pro ND Filter

Glass Type
Schott B270 Or Lower Grade Glass Subtrate
Corning Gorilla Glass
Color Neutrality
Unwanted Color Shifts
No Color Shift
Performance In Infrared
Inconsistent Darkening
Consistent Across All Wavelengths
Shatters From Short Drops
Survives 100+ ft Drops!

Backed By Science, Verified By Customers.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Outperforms the industry standard B270 glass for unbeatable strength and clarity.

Premium Coatings

Engineered to minimize reflections while delivering unmatched optical clarity

Ultra Slim Brass Ring

Minimizes vignetting, offers smooth threading, and features knurled edges for easy handling.

No Filter

Kolari Pro ND Filter

Test-netetté-Sans-filtre-ND Test-netetté-Avec-filtre-ND64-Kolari
The World's Most Color Neutral ND Filter!
There's a reason why we're confident that is the world's best ND filter. Superb color-rendering. No color balance shift, check out our before and after!
Premium Optical Quality
Experience pristine image quality with the Kolari Pro ND Filter, our premium glass and advanced coatings ensure no loss of sharpness in your shots.
Reduced Vignetting
Eliminate vignetting with ease using the Kolari Pro ND Filter's slim brass ring, ensuring your shots maintain consistent brightness and clarity across the frame.

Our collective of Creatives

Meet our global ambassadors
Bryan Minear, Photographer, Kolari Vision Ambassador

Bryan Minear

Professional Photographer, Kolari Ambassador

Paolo Pettigiani, Photographer, Kolari Vision Ambassador

Paolo Pettigiani

Professional Photographer, Kolari Ambassador

Katie Farr, Photographer, Kolari Vision Ambassador

Katie Farr

Professional Photographer, Kolari Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this filter has full brass front and rear threading for smooth attachment and stacking. Our ND filter is compatible with all standard lens filters as well as our Infrared lens filters.
Yes! This filter is engineered to be used for visible light photography with no vignetting or color tinting. It also has the most effective IR neutral darkening we’ve produced to date, making it the ideal ND for Infrared long exposures and video work.
The refractive index is dependent on the material, and is a measurement of the amount that that material will refract or “bend” light as it passes through. At 90 degrees or dead center of the filter the light does not deflect and continues straight, but as the angle of incidence towards the edge of the filter increases, it deflects light more and more causing a discrepancy across your frame, particularly with wide angle shooting. The higher the refractive index value, the more image quality can suffer.
Due to the knurled edges, our Kolari Pro ND Filter may not be compatible with all lens hoods. We suggest determining the inner diameter of the lens hood at the location of the filter thread. If this diameter exceeds the thread size of the lens filter to be utilized (with an extra allowance of approximately 10mm for the filter ring), it should accommodate the filter properly.

3 reviews for Kolari Pro ND Filter

  1. Walter Reichert

    The new Kolari Vision ND filters are fantastic! Well made, thin, with muticoating that is much better than any ND filters I have ordered from multiple other companies. Good service too.

  2. cgispoofer (verified owner)

    I tested a 67mm ND5 Pro ND on a wide angle zoom lens (17mm+) stacked on an IR-chrome filter. It comes in a nice and solid box that contains a dense foam that holds the filter in place. The construction of the filter is of very good quality, durable and with a metal frame that has indentations that makes it usable even with gloves. The filter itself is made of glass. Optically, even when stacked with a thick IR chrome, I’ve not noticed an important vignetting (when considering the native vignette of my lens) and there’s no color shift in particular on the edge of the image. The colors are rendered faithfully in NIR as well as in the visible spectrum (using the same lens on another unconverted body). Overall an excellent choice for long exposure photography in visible and near infrared !

  3. Josh Himes

    I am a professional photographer/cinematographer and I use ND filters for almost all of my work. After starting many years ago with other brands and running into major issues with color accuracy, vignetting, etc, I saw the filter offerings slowly improve each year or two. A new company would come along and offer a better performing filter, but I was never really satisfied with the performance or the durability.

    I finally started using the Kolari Vision filters they year they were introduced after buying literally hundreds of filters from other makers. I can say without a doubt that Kolari filters are THE BEST. Their color accuracy and clarity are unmatched by any other brand, which is impressive on its own. However, the thing that matters most to me is durability – the mechanical construction is important, but most crucial is the durability of the coatings. I am happy to say that Kolari filters are head and shoulders above the other brands on the market in both of these important metrics. Build quality is great and the coatings are almost bulletproof. I have used these filters daily for years and they still look like brand new. I bought a second set for one of our other cinematographers who is notoriously hard on equipment…after going through a set a year from other brands, he is on his 3rd year with the Kolari filters and they are still in excellent shape. You can’t go wrong with these and you won’t find a better filter on the market at any price.

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