Kolari Visions conversion service is a high quality professional service. With me having over 40 years in photography of one kind or another, I would usually never let anyone touch a camera unless it was a factory authorized shop. To show my skepticism, I went over the camera with a 10x eye loop. I looked for screws with messed up heads, and or gaps and poor fitting shells. NONE of this showed up. And since the fingers are more sensitive than the eyes, I closed my eyes and carefully felt the camera all over! Wow! Great Job! Kolari Visions. The test will come over the next few months, but the first few shots I made were analyzed from edge to edge, and blown up to see pixel behavior at the edges and around the center. Quality was there and I now place Kolari Visions card In with the manufactures. They are a place I will return to and know I am getting first class work done. The service and advice is great, so if you want a great job done Kolari Visions I will recommend. If you are not quite sure what to get.

Then E-Mail the staff and they will give you an honest idea for the product to fit you. If you are on a budget, push it now because once you are hooked on the fun, you will be glad you did.