My Lumix G5 was here when I got back from vacation and I could not be more pleased! It is great to meet someone like you with your obvious dedication to customer service. I appreciate the communications we had when you could not complete the conversion in the time frame I needed! (This was my fault, not yours. I sent it to you too close to my vacation departure date). It is obvious to me that you kept your word and expedited the conversion so that I had it when I got home, a very generous thing to do!

The camera is everything I had hoped it would be and the White Balance was perfectly set when I got it, thanks for this touch also. I have already show my pictures to several friends and loaned them the camera for a day. I also told them to make sure to contact you if they wanted the conversion done right at a very fair cost. I am now starting to think that my spare Lumix GX1 would be great in one of your other colored filters. I am actually starting to research my choices so you may hear from me again soon!