I have done business as a professional photographer for over 40 years. I’ve been published in just about all major magazines around the world for my car work, mainly Mercedes Benz. I have bought a camera from Kolari Vision that was converted to 720 nm. It is a Lumix G10. The conversion was first rate and the process is like magic! You look in live view and see what you’re getting real time! The shots that come out of this camera are outstanding! I bought a 850nm filter for just Black and White infrared work but the 720 is a great choice for someone who wants the option of some color. I had many questions and the quick response from these people is First Class. They walked me through any questions I had in a prompt and easy to understand way.

I have since updated to the Lumix GX 1 and just beginning the tests. If you are thinking of having your camera converted to Infrared or buy one already converted, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kolari Vision to anyone who wants to explore the amazing world of Infrared!