Kolari Pro Filters for DJI Air 2S

Here at Kolari Vision, we’ve catered to the needs of infrared photographers around the world for the over the past decade. We’re proud to have started  making waves in the general photography market with products made for all types of gear and photographers. We’re now eager to introduce our newest line of filters made exclusively for the new DJI Air S2. The DJI Air S2 packs a whole 1 inch sensor into its lightweight body. With the ability to set the drone’s path with a remote and ability to capture 5.4K footage, it’s never been easier to capture the perfect footage. The DJI Air S2 can arguably be called the drone of the summer but it has one small catch. This drone has no variable shutter so neutral density filters are necessary for many applications. This is where our Kolari Pro Filters for the DJI AIR 2S Filters come into play. Our ND filters are multi coated for excellent color neutrality while maintaining and accurate amount of light reduction in every shooting condition. Our coatings also include both anti reflective and anti smudge layers that make our filters super easy to clean and maintain. Encased in a sturdy but lightweight aluminum ring, these filters are made to be durable without adding a significant amount of weight to the drone itself.

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All Sets - $89.99

Frequently Asked Questions

Available to pre-order now! Orders will begin shipping out mid-June.

Each filter is attached via a simple clip & twist into the DJI Air S2. The clips guide themselves to lock into place making installation both simple and satisfying.

Our Kolari Pro DJI AIR 2S Filters are only compatible with the AIR 2 S. Unfortunately, it will not work on any other drone.

Neutral Density filters are used to prevent light from entering the camera in measured and accurate amounts. This allows you to have more control over your images and footage in regards to selecting shutter speed and aperture combinations in various shooting conditions.

Polarizers are used to help add vividness and contrast your image. The glass blocks unwanted polarized light from passing through which creates an overall clearer image by reducing glare and stray reflections. Polarization angle can be changed by simply twisting the filter.

We’re here to help you find the perfect product and get the perfect shot. Call or email us for any questions at all!

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