Introducing the Kolari Atlas

January 11, 2023
Your Journey Starts Here

You loved our game-changing magnetic clip-in filters. We applied the same magnetic concept to lens filters for a whole new front-end filtration system. Dare to explore — let the Kolari Atlas guide your way.

What It Is

The Kolari Atlas is designed to revolutionize the way photographers and videographers use lens filters. Its powerful magnetic system and innovative design make it the perfect choice for photographers and videographers of all levels.

The Kolari Atlas is a lightweight and durable filter system weighing only 179g at its minimum configuration, making it the lightest matte box system in the industry. Its construction makes it easy to carry and able to handle whatever your projects may throw at it. It also features a weatherproof design, so you can be sure your filters will stay safe and secure, even in harsh conditions.

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This system is fully modular and customizable. The filters are durable, stackable, water-resistant, and adjustable. Adapter rings mount the lightweight base plate to your lens. These come in various sizes, making the Kolari Atlas system compatible with many different lenses. Users can further customize their system with interchangeable tabs, available in an assortment of shapes and colors, allowing them to quickly identify their filters.

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How It Works

The Kolari Atlas is designed to be simple and straightforward, with an intuitive design that makes it quick and easy to set up and use. Its user-friendly interface ensures that anyone can use it with ease, making it an ideal choice for photography enthusiasts of all levels.

The calibrated magnets make attaching and detaching filters a breeze. This eliminates the need for traditional filter holders and thread sizes, making it much faster and easier to use across all your lenses. You can stack any number of filters in any order, and the magnets will securely hold them in place. Their strength ensures that only the filter that is pulled (and anything in front of it) comes off during removal.

Additionally, the filters can be attached in any orientation to remove specific filters easily. The magnetic system also allows for quick adjustments, giving photographers and videographers the freedom to quickly change lenses and filters on the fly.

Who It’s For

The Kolari Atlas has been specifically designed to meet the needs of professional filmmakers, videographers, and photographers. It is a feature-packed solution that provides the tools needed to create stunning visuals and captivating stories. With this, users can bring to life the projects they have always dreamed of. Whether a feature-length film, a commercial, or a music video, this product provides the tools to make it happen.

Why You Need It

This system is an innovative solution for photographers designed to make life easier. It combines all their filter needs into a single set, eliminating the need for multiple sizes. Additionally, the adjustable lens shade rotates to any angle you need to perfectly block the sun. Clunky matte boxes and lens-specific lens hoods are a thing of the past with the Kolari Atlas.

Furthermore, this product offers a truly one-of-a-kind filter. The VND/CPL filter available for the Kolari Atlas system combines the two most used and most versatile filters into one. Filmmakers no longer need to choose between the two most necessary effects. With this unique filter, both rotating elements are merged into a single filter with two dials to control each effect separately.

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With Kolari Atlas, photographers can easily streamline their workflow and create breathtaking images. This revolutionary product is an absolute must-have for any serious photographer looking to elevate their work to the next level.

Whether you’re a Hollywood filmmaker or an adventure photographer, the Kolari Atlas is the system that will change your creative workflow for the better. Streamline your process and lighten your load while you’re at it. Go beyond the ordinary and discover new horizons with the Kolari Atlas. Adventure awaits — are you ready?

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