The large anti-submarine ship “Ochakov” was a masterpiece of design thought in the 70s. The crew was selected from among the best sailors from all schools and fleets. The ship left the stocks of the Nikolaev shipyard in 1973, a year later took part in the exercises of the Black Sea Fleet, and on the eve of the new 1975 set off on the first military campaign. The ship made 9 military campaigns, participated in the exercises “Ocean-75”, “Crimea-76”. Awarded with the pennant of the USSR Minister of Defense “For Courage and Military Valor”. In 1977, 1979, 1986 the Ochakov ship was declared the best ship of the Navy. After many years of service, it was towed to a sandbank inside Lake Donuzlav.

Nikon d700 +GND8 Marumi filter + Long exposure 20 seconds