The Rock of the Holy Apparition (St. George’s Rock). A surface rock in the form of a small island 1.5 km east of the tip of Cape Fiolent and 140 m from the shore of Yashmovy beach in the Balaklava region of Sevastopol. It got its name from the fact that, according to legend, in 891 St. George the Victorious appeared here to Greek fishermen in distress, his icon was found on a rock, and in the same year the St. George Monastery was founded on the coast. In 1891, a white marble cross was installed on the rock. In the 1920s, the cross was removed. On September 14, 1991, in St. Nicholas Church (at the Bratsk cemetery in Sevastopol), a new seven-meter metal cross, weighing 1,400 kg, was consecrated, which, with the support of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, was installed on the rock of the Holy Apparition.

Long exposure. 30 seconds. Used ND filter