DESCRIPTION: My second attempt at photo of Veil Nebula in constellation of Cygnus by 500 mm Nikkor lens, only 55 min acquisition.

OBJECT: NGC 6992, Veil Nebula, Constellation Cygnus (Swan), apparent magnitude 7, apparent diameter approx. 3 degrees, FOV 4 x 2,7 arcdeg. More info

GEAR: Nikon Z7 Kolari Full Spectrum + Nikkor 500/5,6 PF, no filter, sampling rate 1,79 arcsec/px, tracking mount iOptron CEM60EC – 3 star alignment, no auto guiding, dew heater.

ACQUISITION: August 20, 2020, Struz, CZ, Exposure 300s, f 5,6, ISO 400, interval 15s, Lights 11x, Darks 24x, Bias 24x, Flat 30x. Total exposure time 55 min, night, no moon, breeze, 17C, light pollution – Bortle 5.

STACKING AND POST PROCESSING: AstroPixelProcessor (stacking, background neutralization, light pollution removal, calibrate background and stars colors) , Adobe Photoshop CC 2020 (stretching, black and white point settings, stars reduction and dim, I forgot for blue hallo reduction, enhance DSO – vibrance, no noise reduction, motion blur sharpening ,contrast setting). No cropped,