In the spring of 2018, Hawaii’s Kilauea became increasingly active, resulting in a volcanic event only rivaled by activity from the mid 20th century and earlier that’s called the 2018 lower Puna eruption. This panorama was taken with a full-spectrum modified Canon 6D, with an IR cut filter, which allowed me to image visible light plus the detailed red h-alpha that appears in the night sky. This is a two-row panorama taken from the summit of Hawaii’s Mauna Kea in early June of 2018. In addition to the Milky Way and the summit’s telescopes, the viewer can see the incredible orange light given off by the lava fountain at Fissure 8, which produced fountains of lava that shot up to 200 feet in the air. This event has since stopped, and this panorama is a rare documentation of how powerful the event was.