Golden Festival Huljanti

The unique celebration of the visit of Biroba and the disciple Mahalingraya, who was the God of the Dhangar community in the country, was performed at Huljanti in Manglveda taluka. At this time, Dhangar brothers came to Huljunti for a unique visit, lakhs of people from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.
During the visit of these Guru-disciple, thousands of tonnes of Bhandara Kharik khobre and lokar spreaded everywhere. This unique tradition has been practiced since the twelfth century, and this unique event is celebrated during Diwali’s Laxmipoojan day fourth in the afternoon
In this, the visit celebration of the five Palakhi’s of Vithuraya of Sonyal, Brahmadev of Utagi, Biroba of Shirdhon, Shilvanti of Shirdhon, Dhulappa of Bijjaragi and Biroba of Hunnur are started in the spring valley behind the Mahalingraya Temple.
In this, visiting the palakhi of each God with Mahalingraaya’s original place with the sounds of Nagara and dhol in front of each pair of bulls of palakhi and went into the spring valley
A tone is a rhythm that sounds all over the area. In such a way, the four pillars of this type will be visited by this method. In the end, the Guru-disciple, Biroba and Mahalingraya’s palkhi visits . During each visit, the devotees freely spreads on a large number of Bhandara and khobre(coconut) wool(lokar) in the air. Therefore, every devotee who came to see the Palkhi visit to this temple has come out in the reservoir of Bhandara…

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